DTG (direct to garment)

NO. Since we do not need to do color separation processes, we do not charge any setup fees.
NO. We do not have a minimum order requirement. You can order just one or as many as you wish.
Click on the design button at the top to get started.
We accept most standard image files (.jpg, .gif, .png etc.). For JPG, GIF AND PNG images must be submitted in their final print size otherwise, enlarging the image will result in lose of resolution. However, for best results we encourage that images be design in 300 dpi and send in .PDF, .AI, EPS, .PSD, OR .TIFF formats. This resolution has the most realistic images and the formats allow for us to correct the image and sizes if necessary. See printing rates for image acceptable sizes .
We accept all major credit cards through PayPal, 2Checkout and soon GoogleCheckout. We also accept wire transfers, direct deposit of funds direct to our Bank of America Account and checks. checks have to clear before order is processed.
Garments printed using DTG technology have excellent washability because the ink actually penetrates into the fabric. Unlike silk screen and heat transfers, your image will not crack or peel off after a few washes.
Our print partners strive to exceed your expectations by delivering quality products on every order. Defective items will be promptly replaced at no additional cost to you.

We will only accept goods returned for refund or replacement only if the goods demonstrate a visible fault in the garment or print. However, since we deal with customer supplied images, it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that images are supplied in the right format, quality, and final print size. Poor images qualities do not qualify for refunds. For all bulk orders, we do advice on the quality of image before final print. We do ask that you make the return within 15 days of purchase. Simply contact us for an Authorized Return Ticket (ART) ticket and return the unused merchandise with the original paperwork and packaging within 15 days of receiving your order. We promise to process your request in a timely manner.

An ART must be requested from us no later than 4 days from the merchandise’s delivery. We will require a detailed description of the defect prior to providing an ART. TeeBurn will then, if appropriate, arrange for the merchandise replacement.

Every item is custom printed, and we cannot accept returns on the basis of incorrect size or errors of omission on the side of the customer. Please choose your size carefully and review you order before final submission. Note that colors may not match exactly as they appeared on your screen.

Please follow these guidelines concerning returns to help us better serve you.

Return Guidelines:

    • Returns will also only be accepted with an Authorised Return Ticket (ART), which can be obtained from TeeBurn by email
    • No return will be accepted on used or washed merchandise.
    • Garments will be inspected before acceptance.

How should I ship my return or exchange?
We recommend sending the package via UPS or insured Parcel Post.

Customers can speed up their orders by providing artwork in the correct specifications.



For better quality, it would be best to make sure artwork is created at 300dpi and within the final target print size.


  • Front or Back should not exceed : 17" wide x 21" tall
  • Pocket area should not exceed : 5" wide x 5" tall
  • Short Sleeves should not exceed : 3.5" wide x 4" tall
  • Long Sleeves should not exceed : 3.5" wide x 21" Long (down the sleeve)


  • 150-300 dpi CMYK file. Files can be PNG, AI, EPS, PSD, PDF,TIFF,JPG with no compression.
  • Photoshop files must purge layers and text to reduce file size.
  • Artwork should be created in 150-300 dpi. Converting a 72 dpi image to 300 will cause distortion of the image.
  • DO NOT submit a RGB file and expect the same results. CMYK and RGB are two totally different formats which will result in a different outcome.
  • Hard copy print for our reference
If your image needs to be printed on a black or colored garment, this will require pretreatment and a white under-base, so we add an extra charge for this in the printing cost.
Best format to send images is PSD, AI, ESP (allows us to make changes if necessary). However, if you are sure you have the image in the right size for final print, then images can be send as TIF, JPG or BMP. All images should be designed and save in 300dpi resolution for best print quality. You could send the images as a zip file.
No special pricing based on # of colors on print since we do not need to setup screens and separate colors.
Depending on the size of order and pending jobs, orders can take from 3 days to 14 days. Normally, for orders below 10 dozen t-shirts we can deliver within 5 days for non-white ink printing and 7 days for white ink printing. For much smaller orders (less than 5 dozen) orders can be done within 3 days. However, you will always be advice on expected time-frame at the time of order placement.
There is no problem with splitting up colors for each design. Since we do not have to go through the process of color separation, setup, plates etc, there is no additional cost. All images are digitally processed thus creating for great flexibility. We can provide 4 different designs at the same wholesale cost with no additional fees for each image.
We can print on any fabric expect nylon or 100% polyester. However, for most vibrant look and durable prints, we encourage 100% cotton garments.
Yes. We can print on all colors. Our DTG printer is capable of using white ink base to print colored images on dark shirt including black t-shirts.
DTG is capable of producing upto 1400 dpi. Traditional screen printing can only achieve about 72 dpi.

We can print images up to 14"x 17"

Indefinite! Unlike traditional silk screen printing, you are not limited to just four colors (CMYK) — a DTG printer can produce over 16 million colors. We do print RGB…. This means we can reproduce anything from a complex painting to your own photograph.

TeeBurn Customers…keep in mind: TeeBurn will take challenging print jobs and will come close to the graphic files submitted. Printing on textiles will not be the same as paper copy; nor will the inks used be the same as laser or ink jet inks. Textiles will absorb inks more than paper and will tend to be darker looking. Washing shirts will lighten the image a little. The types of shirts used will also have an affect on the finished results.

If a “perfect duplication” as printed on paper is expected, the customer is responsible and required to submit a hard copy before the scheduled print time. This is a requirement for printing to take place. TeeBurn reserves the right to refuse the print job if we feel that the expectations are unrealistic and/or that the customer may not understand the difference between printed paper and textile material. If no submitted hard copy is provided, TeeBurn can not be held responsible for the outcome of the print because we can only match the graphic file submitted to us; what we see will be different from what you see. Our computers are configured and calibrated for DuPont Process Inks.

NOTE: Computers and graphic cards differ from computer to computer resulting in different appearances. What we see will be different from what you see .

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