TeeBurn started primarily as a DTG (direct to garment) printer out of Baltimore , Maryland. Over the years, we have expanding not only our printing services but have also revolutionized how these services are offered. We were the first DTG printing shop in Maryland and certainly the only one we know of that offers contract printing packages and t-shirt fulfillment. To be able to offer a more efficient service to our clients, we have expanded into a network on printers within the US and will soon be expanding Internationally.

Direct to garment printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing...

……is a much recent t-shirt printing technique. with Direct to Garment printing, a full array of colors with unique and intricate designs is printed directly to the garment without the use of any screens. The Direct to garment printer prints in a similar version like regular color ink-jet printers do , with the same flexibility and variety of options. Though Direct to garment printing is a comparatively new textile printing technique as compared to screen printing, it’s ability to print directly on the t-shirt or any garment offers a great appeal way beyond what screen printing is capable of. The use of water based non-chemical or toxic inks make it also a favourite for new age printers and fashionistas. The final printed image is also not only crisp, vibrant and colorful, but soft to the touch and in the case of light garments, has no touch at all as the inks soak into the fabric to become one with the threads.

Direct to garment printing is more suitable to printers or t-shirt retailers looking for higher quality images with small orders. It is prevalently use on print on demand services due to is lack of additional fees (screens, setup, etc). It also allow for less inventory, lower production rates on small orders, and customized budgets.

There has never been a better time to tap into the t-shirt business. With Teeburn as your print solution provider for direct to garment printing and screen printing, you are sure to succeed in your printing venture. Teeburn prints on both light and dark fabrics. With dark garments, this has been made possible with the use of the white ink base to create the image canvas. Be it custom t shirts, bags, aprons, etc,. we are able to do it all. We have a printing solution for any size of business and need; family reunions, clubs, events, birthdays, promotions, etc,.

Now if you’re considering direct to garment printing or screen printing, and are looking for a reliable DTG Maryland printer, or screen-printing in Baltimore, MD, consider TeeBurn and let us help you keep your costs down.

Screen Printing...

……is the conventional printing technique that has been used for years. In this printing process a velum (or similar material) template is applied to a screen. printing ink is then passed through the screen onto the garment, and finally ink is cured. Each color must have a separate screen. With screen printing, there are additional cost associated with screens and setup. The screen printing method has limitation in the # of colors possible to print. Screen Printing is more suitable for large runs of the same design with limited color variations.


Embroidery Services...

……is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. We offer embroidery through a reliable network of expert embroiders.  You can trust us to professionally and expediently deliver quality products direct to your door. From high-quality polo shirts to custom hats to hoodies, we can accommodate any order, large or small.

Seller Focused DTG Printing Program

Fixed Pricing and no Minimums

We have created the best contract printing program for t-shirt wholesalers and retailers. We cater to both volume t-shirt sellers and those printing on a frequent basis be it 1 t-shirt or 1000s. Our program allows the frequent printer to lock down their printing rate regardless of how many t-shirts they order. You will never be charged a higher premium or one t-shirt versus 500 tshirts; you get a flat fixed rate regardless!

There are no minimums and no setup costs.


Reliability and Turn-around

We offer reliable printing services and try to make sure that orders are shipped out within the same week they are ordered. Our lead time is between 72 hrs to ship out depending on size of order. If there is any potential for a delay, you would be advised well in advance as soon as your order is received. We try to allocated orders to your closest printer location in relation to your territory, so both lead time in processing and shipping are drastically reduced.

Fullfilment & Drop shipping

Drop Shipping and T-shirt Fulfillment

Our t-shirt fulfillment options are as flexible and seller friendly as the contract program itself. We are able to arrange for the orders to be shipped directly to you or directly to your clients.  All orders direct to your clients would be shipped with your return address and at no time is our literature or reference on your orders. Your clients will never know that you are using us as your printer.

The Future of Our Printing Services

We are determined to continue offering the best possible program and services in the industry. We continue to research and evaluate our processes and service offering with a view to not only improve, but expand on your choices. As the new managers of Teeburn, we are determined to fulfill every possible expectation of our partners.

Store Set up

Learn how Teeburn can help your set up a FREE online merchandising store for your business.

For additional information, contact TeeBurn Direct to Garment Screen printing for all of your custom apparel and custom garment printing needs, including team uniforms and personal t-shirts.

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