Family Reunions & Get TogetherT-shirts

A custom t-shirt can be a great part of your family reunion celebration. The design is up to you, crazy or classy or somewhere in between. TeeBurn’s high quality printing will give you a memento of your reunion that will last for years.

A design that matches your family’s sensibilities will make your event memorable. Use your own artwork, or if need be, contract one of our design partners to design a unique print for you. A large selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other shirts for men, women and children is available in a variety of styles and colors.  With experienced Customer Service agents as well as  experienced art professionals available to answer your questions, we guarantees quality custom t-shirts.

Schools, Team Spirit & clubsT-shirts

This program is ideal for schools and college fraternities and sororities. It is also ideal for alumni, clubs and associations, as well as sports teams. We work with each group from idea concept to final print. Items are shipped in time to allow you time to market your products to your audience.

Just like the other sectors we serve, we can also setup a shop for your members and visitors to order your merchandise on a continuous basis. At any time, you would be able to access your sales report and withdraw the total funds raised from your store.

This is a valuable way for your organization to continue raising funds beyond the limits of school allocations and without the headache of keeping stock.

Humanitarian, Charity & Fund Raiser T-shirts

TeeBurn offers a very unique opportunity for Charitable and Non Profit organizations. We offer very competitive rates for course retated organizations. We can print t-shirts for your even that are both appealing and of the finest quality.

Even well after your event has passed, we are able to work with you and provide a steady supply of fund-raising options. We can set up an online store for you to sell customized products  derived from your past events, or your mission. Every time an item is purchased from your online store, TeeBurn will produce the item and ship it to your customer.

This provides a unique opportunity for promoting your organization and generating funds.

We assist charitable and non profit organizations increase exposure and raise funding.

Churches & Religious Organization T-shirts

Now your youth group, church group or ministry can rest easy knowing that TeeBurn can get your orders processed in for your next church event, retreat, fellowship, crusade, world vision or whatever ministry event you are hosting. We have very favorable rates and options for your ministry.

After you have placed your first order, we can provide you with a code to place on your ministry website from which members and visitors alike can place orders of the same t-shirt even long after the event has passed. In most cases, we will customize the design to allow it to live beyond the event period. Each time someone orders the t-shirt, you will get a payment from the proceeds (of course minus our cost).

We can even work with you to design and setup a fully Christian themed line for you, from which your members can get clothed with designs spanning the seasons.

This allows your ministry to keep fund-raising long after the hosting event is gone!

Corporate & PromotionalT-shirts

We specialize in printing for small businesses or organizations to large corporations. T-shirts are ideal for building morale or promote your products and services.

Contractors such as; electricians, plumbers, landscapers as well as professionals such as; medical and health care staff, law firms and others can make the best out of out services.

DJs & Twitch StreamerT-shirts

We are excite to offer a unique service to DJs and twitch streamers. Now you can automate your t-shirt and promotional materials ordering process. Promote will be print and process your orders.

Monitor each order and account from your online stores dashboard, or just order in bulk for additional discounts. Let us support your brans while your fans enjoy quality product.

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Once we have agreed on the price, we will request for a print images in high resolution from you. The best formats are PNG or TIFF files in 300dpi. Images for print will need to be presented in the final print size that you want them printed.

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